1) How does the Pass Liberté work, whatever deal is purchased?

The 3-day Pass = 3 DAYS OF ACTIVITIES spread over 6 days.
The card validity period is activated from your very 1st activity.
Please note: any activity day you start will count as an activity day used.
Below you'll find examples of how you might use a 3-day Pass. It's up to you to plan your stay as you see fit.


     2) Can I buy the Côte d’Azur Card Pass with Chèques Vacances?

Yes, if the sales point accepts Chèques Vacances. You can find out before buying by checking with each establishment.

     3) How many activities can I take part in per day?

You can enjoy as many activities as you like per day. Don't forget that as soon as you start a day of activities, it counts as one day used.

     4) Do I need to buy a Kids Pass if I have a young child?

The kids’ rate applies to all children OVER THE AGE OF 4 and up to the age of 12. For very young children, we invite you to check directly with the sites you plan on visiting, or with the operators for the activities you plan to try. Generally speaking, admission is free for young children - but this can vary.

     5) Are Passes transferable?

Passes aren't assigned to any one person, whether issued as a plastic card or e-ticket. E-tickets simply feature the name of the person who purchased the Pass.

     6) After I’ve bought the Pass, do I need to spend more to visit or do an activity?

No, the 108 or 46 activities (depending on which Pass you have chosen) offered on the Pass are included. You have nothing more to pay.

     7) Can I take part in the same activity more than once?

No. The Pass only lets you take part in an activity once.

     8) Where can I find a list of the activities?

The list of the activities is available online at www.cotedazur-card.com